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Orange County Web Design

orange county web design

Orange County Web Design, EXM Media – New Site Launch!

We are a multi-faceted full service media firm, that’s the short and simple.
We are a leading provider of custom website designs, e-commerce and CMS solutions.
what is the price of EXM Media is a creative firm specializing in innovative and inspiring graphic design, SEO smart web development and marketing solutions designed to expand your brand.
Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, our professional firm can provide you with the tools to turn your future endeavors into a reality.
Headquartered in the progressive hub of Orange County, California we experience firsthand the challenges of a constantly evolving and competitive marketplace.
Immersed in this environment, we are inspired to make the familiar new to set your brand apart from the norm by integrating traditional and emerging multi media applications.
…. We remain on the forefront of mass media marketing.

EXM Media Quoted on

In an Article by Herman Mehling about Firefox 4.0

Hoping to out-do or at least keep up with the blazing speed of Google’s Chrome browser, Mozilla is prepping Firefox 4.0 to be “super-duper-fast,” noted Firefox director Mike Beltzner in his live webcast to the Mozilla community last week.

The primary goal of Firefox 4.0 is to develop a technology base that is fast, secure, and optimized, said Beltzner.

“For users, we want to build a product that is fast, friendly, and empowering. For developers, we want to give them tools for capable, fast Web access,” he said.

Beltzner said Mozilla aims to deliver a sleeker and simpler user interface as the default, performance optimizations, and faster navigation. Central to the faster browser concept, users will enjoy dedicated application tabs, and be able to install add-ons without having to restart the browser. Firefox will also include new tools for backing up and sharing data.

Benefits of Firefox 4.0 for Developers

To improve the lot of developers, Mozilla plans to add bi-directionally connected apps through WebSockets, smoother “AJAX-y” interactions with PushState, easier layout and styling with CSS3, an HTML5 parser, and multi-touch support.

“Mozilla’s new browser looks like a very impressive package that will add more web technologies for developers,” said Brian Montgomery, senior developer, EXM Media, a web development company in Orange, California. “My only caveat is that Mozilla has made no mention of updating Gecko (Mozilla’s layout engine).”

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New Site Launch!!

We couldn’t wait until october so we hit the gas and finished the new site ahead of scedule and packed with features from our new “ARK” system (3.0) and we wil be adding more and more content over the next months.

We welcome all critics and comments in fact every comment gets a 25% off any print or video order

Thanks to all our clients and there continued support!

Speed Bumps

Somtimes the road of life will throw a few speed bumps in our
direction to keep us on the straight and narrow.

Alot of programmers and geeks like us had a very simalar experiance 10 years ago

Aptly named Y2K people and geeks alike thought it was the end of the known world

Not the case: Jan 1st 2000 was uneventful at most.

1. A false alarm went off at a japaneese power plant.
2. A couple old people hit the jackpot when some las vegas slot machines hit the fritz
3. In AU the fair machines failed on half the busses and riders rode free.

But civilization didn’t collapse, it wasnt the end of the world.

As the world slept off its hangover from the huge party the night before,
the computers kept running our streetlights and updating our firmware,
patiently waiting for us to wake up and get on with it.

Computers cant panic, they cant spin out or cave in or second guess.

Computers dont follow opinion polls or fashion reports.

Computers operate according to known quantities, if they cant assign somthing an exact value, they don’t assign it at all.

Computers are happy to process their ones and zeroes, and leave us the territory in between.

That said there are things we can do to calm or rectify an issue and somtimes “shit happens”

Onward and upward, keep moving, keep breathing, keep living.

Retarded Info Commercial

Check out this video I recorded off tv, I know its not the best quality but I can’t find this anywhere else.

This is Generic pharmacy a perfect example of how you can sell anything with good graphics and marketing.

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