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Server Migration

Recently we had a root security issue that was cleared up with the help of Monte and the wonderful team at LW.

Because this issue we were highly concerned about the future security of a few main machines and were forced to re-image and re-format.

During this time we placed temporary servers so that your service would not be interrupted,  although the web services slowed it was still active and online.

Unfortunately email servers took a turn for the worse and while recieving emails were fine, sending emails proved to cause issues on the users host machine while using a client.

This problem has been fixed naturaly now that the server re-up is complete but were posting here as a notice.

Thanks for your continued business with our growing company and we will keep you posted!

Brian Montgomery
President & COO

New Site Launch!!

We couldn’t wait until october so we hit the gas and finished the new site ahead of scedule and packed with features from our new “ARK” system (3.0) and we wil be adding more and more content over the next months.

We welcome all critics and comments in fact every comment gets a 25% off any print or video order

Thanks to all our clients and there continued support!

Gearing up for Magic 2010

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Spent half the day talking to Vannesa with Magic Online, I believe I talked her into Buy Levitra Professional Online Without Prescription giving us the last booth there in the service area. I will keep you all posted! cialis premature ejaculation

Happy Fathers Day !!

Its a day off for the EXM crew today as we will be spending time food, family, and fun (not in that order) pharmacy cialis Buy Cialis Soft Tabs Online Without Prescription low cost whithout prescription so happy f day and we will see you on Monday!

Magic Tradeshow in Vegas

So we weren’t going to go this time but at the last minute we recieved a Generic levitra whithout prescription call from Marc Buy Levitra Online of, Marc is an awesome guy and invited us out.

Jason, Marc, Brian

Jason, Marc, Brian


Lets see….we left around 5pm and parked at our hotel around 12am, after grabbin a byte to eat we hit the hay, woke up around 11am and fell out of bed, through a sleepy haze we ended up at the show. Holy Cow! Magic was bigger this year then ever before. We decided start at the front and work our way back, JACKPOT! we found a sweet new product called “Bod Pockets” from, the owner (Perriann) is very cool:

cialis for men src=”×199.jpg” alt=”Perriann from” width=”300″ height=”199″ />

Perriann from

We talked to her about her amazing product, exchanged info and set up a meeting to get some drinks:

Having a drink with Holdenwear

Having a drink with Holdenwear

We told the owner we wanted to be apart of this amazing new invention and she shared our excitement, so look forward to our project section because you will be seeing the Bod Pockets Marketing project coming up soon.  Later that night after losing some money and getting a bite to eat with Morgan and Jamie we hit the hay.


coming soon…..