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Brian Montgomery: Founder of EXM Media 
and Head Developer
 of Mixed Media Group

Since EXM Media has joined Mixed Media Group our client satisfaction level is up over 80%

and we've never been more happy, this partnership has made me and my team efficient.

I will be posting our client statements here for all to see, whether there amazing or not so.

I want to thank every client that allows us to quote them here on the site, your the reason were still in business.






Kelly Grant: CFO of D&M Painting

Mixed Media was like family, they came in had a cup of coffee and explained every step of our new site.  

They gave us a great deal and have worked with us every step of the way. 

The site is exactly what we wanted…and it looks like we paid more than we actually did.  

"Mixed Media is smart, fun, and professional"

I definitely recommend using them for any web design, logo design or printing services.










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