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sites created using our "detailed quote" option can be completed with up to 40% more efficiency

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    New to the web industry?

    Don’t worry. We’ll make it easy for you. Just complete each question to the best of your ability. Your new site is a long-term investment. Envision your online business several months or years in the future.

    Tell us about yourself

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    Reasons for site.

    By giving us some information about your needs and wants, you give our developers the starting blocks to tailor a site that fits you perfectly.

    Why are you having this website developed?

    Domain Name Registration / Web hosting

     No, but I think I would like:

     Yes, I have a domain name. The online URL is:

     Yes, My host's name is:

    Please describe your overall budget for this project:

    On what date would you like your site to go live?

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    What is dynamic content and will you need it for your site?

    Modern websites are created with Dynamic Content. This term describes the ability a website has to interact with its different users. Dynamic content is required for user logins, shopping carts and forms. Our simple Content Management Systems allows administrators to edit site content quickly, or if you prefer, EXM Media can update and promote the site for you.

    The type of website I want is...

     Yes, I definitely need Dynamic Content.
     No, I do not need Dynamic Content.

    Have you developed the content for your website?

     Yes, the site content is complete and organized.
     I am currently in the process of creating content.
     It is less than half complete.
     It is more than halfway complete.
     No, I have not developed site content.
     I will require assistance in creating this content.
     I will complete the content without assistance.
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    How will users navigate your website?

    Every website must have a Navigation System. A navigation system is generally a short menu of Links connecting one page of a website to another. Each individual page has separate content, and users will need a way to access each public webpage. Basic websites usually consist of five pages. while e-commerce sites may consist of hundreds or even thousands of pages with several sets of navigation menus to display all the page links.

    Site Navigation:

    What other sites have the look, feel or functionality you want for your site?

    Keywords are used to help search engines find your website.

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    How should users interpret your website?

    Websites are created with the intention of conveying information as well as delivering an emotional impact. We conceptualize websites by separating them into two categories: Style and Image.

    Check all boxes that define you:

     Elite  Personal  Cutting-edge  Friendly
     Corporate  Spiritual  Traditional  Creative
     Contemporary  Low-cost  Professional  Affordable
     Expensive  Casual  Fun & Exciting  Macabre
     Parody  Dark & Dreary

     Cool & Serene  Bold & Powerful  Soft & Mellow  High Energy
     Minimal & Simple  Festive & Party  Ethnic or Foreign  High-tech
     Classy & Elegant  Artistic & Creative  Natural & Organic  Hip & Funky
     Fancy & Upscale  Fun & Playful  Classic & Historic  Flashy Eye Candy
     Romantic & Sensual  Corporate & Clean

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    Which colors do you think would best suit your site? (check all that apply)

    blue  Blue
    purple  Purple
    green  Green
    black  Grey / B&W
    orange  Orange
    yellow  Yellow
    pink  Pink
    red  Red

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    Who is your target audience? (check all that apply)

     Ages: 1 - 12 (Children)
     Ages: 13 - 18 (Teenagers)
     Ages: 19 - 24 (College Students)
     Ages: 25 - 50 (Adults)
     Ages: 50+ (Mature Adult)
     All Ages: Everyone

    Should the site be developed with any of these features?

     Site-wide Search Engine
     Music or Video clips (Or streaming)
     Members Only Section
     Flash Intro / Header
     Message Board / Forum
     Newsletter or RSS Feed
     Also Include the Following Features:

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     No, but I would like you to create one for me.
     Yes, I have a logo.

    Do you use a tagline or slogan with your marketing?

     Yes, the slogan I would like to use is:

     No, I prefer not to use one.

    Do you have or require supplemental / promotional materials?

     Yes, I can provide previous ads, promos, etc.
     Yes, but they need to include the new website.
     No, I only want a minor presence.
     No, I am not interested in promoting the site.

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    Need Help?

    Profitable websites must be kept up to date on a regular basis. We provide you with the choice of a Web Maintenance Plan and/or Content Management System for updates. The combination of a web maintenance plan with a content management system will allow you to achieve the best dynamic results.

    Check all boxes that you require information on:

     Content Management System.
     Web Maintenance Plans.
     Logo Design.

    Your Finished! Just press Submit and you are all done.



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