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Video work for promotions, titles, displays, commercials, music videos, and all out productions.

EXM Media will not only deliver your product quickly, but the quality of our video work is second to none!
We deal in HD 1080p with a compression ratio that allows your video to stream Blu-Ray quality over the internet.
We thrive to be the best, and our video work makes an immediate impact.
Below are a few examples, feel free to watch, laugh, and get excited.

Meet the Team @ EXM Media

We introduce our Founder: Brian Montgomery and Director of Operations: Donald Henson as well as a wonderful testimonial from Kelly Grant from D&M Painting.

Unilete Promo

Created for Unilete to target potential investors and educate the public.

Giving God The Glory!

New Media company from Texas is making waves!

Skate U Promo

Skate University Promoting a new social network for skaters by skaters. With news, tech. gear and locaters.

Archon Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer for Archon Underground, new site coming soon to all the hardcore gamers out there!

Mass Effect 2: Epic Trailer

Trailer from the minds Bio-Ware, the most amazing, epic, outstanding video game to ever hit the market. "Freedom is always worth fighting for" - Commander Shepard

4 Kings Trailer

Produced By: EXM Media Footage by: 4 Kings Team Animation By: Shoulin Pro

Popular Cyber Cafe

Cyber Cafe in 2001 Footage by: Tom Delmar

Crisis Trailer

Recut Fan Trailer Footage: Shoulin Pro

Santas Bail Out

EXM Media Promo using existing footage plus footage from the fellas at LOD, thanks!

Veridian Dynamics Training Video

Everyone is Special

Neck Basket Promo

This is a short Promo we upscaled and trimmed for effect to show that with a decent video you can sell anything

The Rock Today Title

The Rock Today Title

Stack Media Logo Title

Contracted to make a custom title with a grungy/glossy effect for an awards show

Vendio Title

Vendio Title made for All Media Online for a Vendio interview

Raw Rant Title

Created as a logo title for for their youtube videos and radio show.



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