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We take your thoughts and turn them to magic online or on paper.


       Our staff of writers are trained, creative and have the unique ability to do almost any type of writing you need; Business, technical and creative writing,
we are your professional conduit to creating your information. And electronically, now is the time to infuse your webpage and your organization with new life! Copywriting is the single most important element of your webpage that will determine your online success or failure.
Even the most professional, visually brilliant website masterpiece must have writing that grabs people by the hair and screams BUY MY PRODUCT!
As a satisfied EXM website owner with custom writing from our experienced staff, you already know the impact of good copywriting; however, most website owners are frustrated with their floundering pages. If you say yes to any of the following questions, you need our writers trained to add brick and mortar to
your webpage:
  • Am I disappointed in the number of hits on my webpage?
  • Do I wish my webpage would rank higher on search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Chrome or Safari?
  • I wish I could earn more money from my site?
  • Is the writing on my page boring even for me to read? (If you have a hard time getting through your own page, imagine the people trying to read it.)
  • Does the writing on my page clearly convey my message?
  • Is your competitor beating you?
  • Do you talk to friends who look at your site and say, “Did you know you misspelled ‘their’ in your first paragraph?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need copywriting support from EXM Media!

It’s about personal attention. Your work will be turned over to one of our experienced writers who will work to ensure your content embodies the spirit of your
organization. As your partner, we create a plan based upon your expectations and desires always striving to make your site perfect.
This includes research, key word usage for Search Engine Optimization, tone and relevance. The words on your page will not only reflect you and your business or organization, but it will be the torch that lights your webpage on fire and guides internet users down the path to your product.
Name Branding

Make your logo represent your company properly. Make your logo recognizable. Communicate your message properly. Our team squeezes the most out of your company and product to achieve maximum success.

Advertising Campaigns

Market to the right people. Add community awareness to your brand. Build a marketing strategy. Create promotions centered on your product and your brand. Our staff has access to media and marketing tools that will increase your revenue. 

News Releases

People trust what they read in magazines and newspapers as well as what they see on television. We will create tailored news releases for your company and help you market them to publications or turn them into advertisements people will actually read!  

Editing Services

Let us help you achieve perfection in your writing. Research papers, essays, scripts, business proposals, large scale projects: Let our staff of experienced editors and writers polish your final product!

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Advertising copywriting

Book jacket copywriting

Campaign development or product launch

Catalog copywriting

Copyediting for advertising

Direct-mail copywriting

E-mail ad copywriting

Event promotions/publicity

Fund-raising campaign brochure

Political campaigns, public relations

Press kits

Press/news release

Public relations for businesses

Public relations for government

Public relations for organizations or nonprofits

Public relations for schools or libraries

Speechwriting/editing (general)

Copyediting audiovisual

Business film scripts (training and information)

Educational/training film scripts

Corporate product film

Movie novelization

Radio editorials

Radio interviews

Radio commercials/PSAs

Script synopsis for business

TV news story/feature

TV scripts (nontheatrical)

TV scripts (teleplay/MOW)

TV commercials/PSAs

Anthology editing

Book proposal consultation

Book proposal writing

Book query critique

Book query writing

Children's book writing

Content editing (scholarly)

Content editing (textbook)

Content editing (trade)


Fiction book writing (own)

Ghostwriting, as told to

Ghostwriting, no credit


Manuscript evaluation and critique

Movie novelization

Nonfiction book writing (own)

Nonfiction books (collaborative)

Novel synopsis (general)


Research for writers or book publishers



Work for hire (flat fee, no royalties)

Annual reports

Associations and organizations (writing for)

Brochures, fliers, booklets for business

Business editing (general)

Business letters

Business plan

Business writing seminars

Catalogs for businesses



Consultation on communications

Copyediting for business

Corporate histories

Corporate periodicals, editing

Corporate periodicals, writing

Corporate profile

Ghostwriting for business (usually trade magazine articles for business columns)

Government research

Government writing

Grant proposal writing for nonprofits

Newsletters, desktop publishing/production

Newsletters, editing

Newsletters, writing

Translation (commercial, for government agencies, technical)

Computer-related manual writing

Copyediting scientific journals

E-mail copywriting

Medical and science editing

Medical and science proofreading

Medical and science writing

Online editing

Technical editing

Technical writing

Web page design

Web page editing

Web page writing

White Papers

Desktop publishing

Greeting card ideas

Photo brochures

Photo research

Educational grant and proposal writing

Manuscript evaluation for theses/dissertations

Poetry manuscript critique

Presentations to local groups, librarians, or teachers

Presentations to school classes

Readings by poets, fiction writers

Short story manuscript critique

Writing for scholarly journals

Article manuscript critique

Arts reviewing

Book reviews

Consultation on magazine editorial

Content editing


Fact checking

Ghostwriting articles (general)

City magazine, calendar of events column

Consumer magazine column

Consumer magazine feature articles

Magazine research


Reprint fees


Trade journal column

Trade journal feature article


Syndicated column, self-promoted (rate depends on circulation)

Family histories

Institutional (church, school) history

Manuscript typing

Original prose story for comic book

Playwriting for the stage

Published plays


This is often the most important part of the admissions process. How can you best capture who you are in a limited amount of space? What if writing is not your area of expertise? Most importantly, how will the admissions committee view certain styles and content over others?

We pair you with a writer who has specific admissions experience and who knows how to portray your background in a manner most effective for your goals. Your writer will compile detailed information during consults with you, about what message you want to present and what is most important for you. From there, he or she will construct an essay that best suits your needs. You have access to your project and consultant at all times.


Whether it is a research project or an English paper, well written documents have one thing in common: they take time. You might have all the knowledge and facts, but you may not be able to spend the time compiling it all in a way that will get you a good grade.

We offer custom research papers in various subjects that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Our experts can work in any citation style. We can even act as your researchers, following your instructions and compiling data.


Promotional copy can make or break a business. Without effective content and packaging, sales and revenue will decline. Good content will also improve a website's search engine ranking, driving more traffic to your site.

Any business owner knows that relevant copy means more visitors and clients. Leaving your content in the hands of experts with a proven track record is one of the best investments you can make in your promotional materials or websites.


Small business owners often become overwhelmed when trying to write a business plan. Among financial modeling, marketing strategies, and historical research, there are so many components to a successful business plan that it can frequently be more effective to hire a professional business plan writing service. Our business plan writers work in teams to ensure you have a completed business plan by your deadline. Each group consists of a business owner or MBA to construct necessary financial modeling, an experienced copywriter to ensure professional content, and a specialist in your industry to evaluate and critically analyze your place within the market. We take on the construction of the plan while you focus on what is important - running your business.



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